About Us


Company Overview

At Cesar’s Floor Covering Inc. we are a family owned company that is proud of being the installation services leader of backsplash, tile, carpeting and flooring installation in the Phoenix, AZ area. 

Well known throughout the State of Arizona as a top rated flooring company, we are proud to have the capacity of averaging 180-200 floor installations per week and over 200 measurement details. Nationally, our company is recognized in the Top 10 for our size, volume and customer satisfaction. We are proud of our 94-95% customer satisfaction.

The past seventeen years has shown a great deal of growth in our company. We have expanded in many areas and are able to offer many more options for our customers with different brands, colors and shapes. As we have grown over the years, so has our A+ reputation in the industry.

The Beginning

Cesar’s Floor Cover Inc. was formed in October of 2000 by Cesar and Norma Luna for the purpose of installing floors for one of the large big-box home improvement stores. Cesar Luna came into the business with decades of flooring experience and Norma Luna owned and operated a cleaning company that was very successful prior to the formation of Cesar’s Floor Cover, Inc.

In creating this family business Norma and Cesar have created an excellent office staff and group of installers. Cesar and Norma's son, Cesar Luna, Jr., joined the staff after graduating from college in 2011.

Our Current Office Staff

  • Norma Luna - Vice President / Installation Scheduling
  • Cesar Luna, Jr. - Assistant General Manager
  • Trinidad Carrillo - Installation Coordinator
  • Brian Domzalski - Installation Manager/Inspections
  • Bryan Young - Valley Supervisor
  • Mayra Chavez - Detail Scheduling - West Side
  • Edward Ocana - Detail Scheduling - East Side
  • Marina Marungo - P.O.'s / work orders / updates
  • Thelma Rodrigez-Wilson – Invoicing
  • Ricardo Ocana – Warehouse / Delivery
  • Jesus Gonzales - Refigures / Field Supervisor East Side
  • José Ignacio "Nacho" De La Cruz - Refigures

Each staff member has a specific work area, which makes a smooth operation from start to finish. This allows us to provide minute detail to every step of a floor or backsplash project. As a result, we are able to provide the best guidance and finest craftsmanship in the Phoenix, AZ area.

What We Do

In the beginning we worked only with tile, laminate, vinyl and bamboo flooring. It was in 2005 that we added carpeting, bathroom tile and backsplash to our flooring and materials. We offer only the best of top brands of these products, with an amazing array of patterns and expert installation.

It was also in 2005 that we also began offering cement leveling and floor repairs. This assured our customers that the flooring materials we laid would fit perfectly and have no downside such as worn carpet or tile spots from an underneath problem.

When the correct bathroom tile or kitchen backsplash is installed it makes a ‘wow’ factor to the entire area. We are happy to offer suggestions, as well as a wide array of colors, designs and materials, to choose from.

Why Choose Cesar's Floor Covering

For starters, our customers have piece of mind knowing that we are insured, bonded and licensed to install flooring, carpeting, tile, laminate and backsplashes. Our experienced workers provide quality work with special detail and fast service. All work has a warranty.

Our excellent products are priced according to the selection and are of high quality. Whether the job is large or small, our installers provide the best service possible in all areas. Since our staff are not commission based, there is never that pushy salesman treatment. We are here to help our customers choose the perfect floor. 

It is understood that installing a new floor, backsplash or carpeting can be overwhelming at times. There are so many different styles and colors it is often difficult to make a choice. Fortunately, it is possible to consult with one of our designers and view the different types available prior to a selection.

Our service to the Greater Phoenix area is well known throughout the industry. We are able to present a personal service that will best fill your requirements and situation. When you choose us, you will receive the very best in personal satisfaction.

Our Promise

Our reputation as an outstanding flooring installation company in Phoenix has been known for several years. Since 2005, our reputation has grown to the outstanding service and presentation we have been able to apply to other areas of our expertise. Our aim is to preserve this reputation with the best service possible to our customers.

We are dedicated to help our customers choose the best materials that are within their price range, design and location. This applies to all our offerings including flooring, carpeting, tile, laminate or back splash. As a result, we have personnel on hand who can view the area and make suggestions as to what will best display the area involved.

Our dedication is to only present top brands, personalized service and immediate installation of the product which is selected. All installation is done by skilled personnel, some of who have been in our employ for over 14 years. Expert work and customer satisfaction are our prime objective.

It is our aim to make our location and displays in such a manner that our customers can easily see what is available and make an informed decision that will complete the effect they are looking for. They will find a wide array of materials with brilliant or subdued colors and patterns which present the opportunity to compare different designs that will have a spectacular result.

From the day we established this company we have dedicated ourselves to a “customer first” procedure. You will find every one of our employees, from Vice President Norma Luna to Jesus Gonzales, Field Supervisor East Side and the installer staff, ready to answer any questions and assist in any way required to uphold the “customer first” dedication.

We invite you to call our home location in Mesa at (480) 733-1780, or Contact Us Online to learn more about our company and the services we offer.