Concrete Leveling

An investment in flooring distinguishes a home with sophistication, and it reflects well on the knowledge and stylishness of the owner. The ambiance that it creates welcomes family and friends to enjoy its exquisiteness and its lasting durability. The beauty of your new hardwood, tile or carpet depends on the quality of the underlying floor. We make sure that your new floor covering gets the support that it deserves.

Understanding the Importance of a Level Floor

Just as the foundation provides a firm basis for a house, so the floor gives decorative coverings a solid footing. Even minor defects in a floor’s surface that may not seem significant enough to worry about can prevent the outcome of the quality floor installation that you expect. While concrete is one of the most widely available construction materials for subfloors, it can have problems that coverings cannot hide.

The purpose of elegant hardwood, tile or carpet is to enhance the beauty of your décor and not to obscure structural defects. The question of “why level concrete” may occur to you, and there are many reasons. Natural or manufactured stone, ceramic or porcelain tiles, laminate and authentic or manufactured hardwood are unforgiving when it comes to covering low, sunken, uneven or bumpy concrete floors. Irregular elevations become apparent, and a wavy or rough surface is easy to see.

Phoenix Concrete Leveling and Grinding

Considering Potential Complications

Rigid floor covering includes many of the materials that homeowners prefer:

  • hardwood
  • tile
  • stone

These remarkably beautiful elements have no flex, and they can crack or chip when they do not have complete support from the underlying floor. Flexible flooring materials appeal to many homeowners who choose these:

  • laminate
  • cork
  • bamboo

While flexible materials do not break or chip, they can buckle, warp or become uneven at the joints. It may seem that floor covering can make problems in the subfloor go away, but the opposite is true. The surface mirrors the underlying conditions that result from significant influences:

  • improper structural design
  • plumbing leaks
  • poorly compacted soils

Any of the conditions alone or in combination with others can cause the movement that results in cracks. Their impact on the subfloor becomes a controlling factor in the appearance of floor coverings. At Cesar’s Floor Covering, Inc., our flooring installation company in Phoenix, we have a reputation for quality, integrity and craftsmanship that we have earned in 17 years of serving Arizona communities. We provide concrete company Phoenix to make your floors receptive to your choice of fashionable coverings. As a licensed, bonded and insured family business, we take pride in standing behind each of our installations.

Coping with Improper Subfloor Conditions

A key to making your floor coverings give you the dramatic effect that you expect is the proper preparation of your subfloor. In addition to asking “why level concrete,” you may also want to know how to level concrete. Improper flatness is only one condition that requires concrete company Phoenix to prepare a surface that can receive a covering successfully. The best requirements for an underlying concrete floor include these qualities:

  • completely smooth
  • clean
  • level
  • reliable structural integrity

The preparation of the subfloor takes time, patience and an understanding of concrete that comes from years of experience. The exacting process of working with it is difficult, and many homeowners may choose to ignore minor dips in the floor to avoid it.

The qualities that make concrete durable also make it hard, and its hardness increases with age. However, a decision to take a shortcut and not repair defects in a concrete floor can result in more expense than you expect. Some floor coverings allow a tolerance of less than a quarter of an inch, and achieving it is not easy. We know that the quality of any new floor depends on the condition of the underlying concrete, and we do the necessary work to ensure an excellent outcome.

Living with the Consequences

Floor covering represents a significant investment in a home that can enhance its value or diminish it. New floors that feature the most expensive natural stone or the least costly laminate share a standard requirement for true flatness. Where a void exists, they cannot lay flat. Boards may squeak, and tiles may chip or break from improper subflooring.

Improving the Subfloor

Techniques for smoothing and leveling the defects in concrete include two types of repairs:

  • Grinding
  • Self-leveling

The task of detecting the high and low spots requires a systematic process with a level, and our crews can identify them with a precision that makes each job a work of art. The high areas require grinding, and the low ones need a unique compound that fills them evenly with the floor. Both tasks have a level of difficulty that our crews meet with extraordinary skill without creating a mess. We capture the dust from the grinding process to prevent it from settling, and we use a proprietary compound in the low areas. Our concrete company Phoenix gives each job the exceptional artistry and professionalism that it deserves.

Choosing a Flooring Contractor

At Cesar’s Floor Covering, Inc., we have the knowledge, equipment, experience and reputation to make your new floors present the beauty and elegance that you expect. The goal of our family business is to provide the best flooring services for the residents of the Phoenix area. We offer excellence in the installation of floors, backsplashes and custom showers. Many of our staff who install, gather measurements, keep the office running smoothly and maintain the warehouse have worked with us since we opened our business, and others have helped us serve the community for 10 years or more. Together we average 200 measurements and up to that many installations during our peak season, and our customers give us a satisfaction rate that is close to 100 percent.

We offer free in-home estimates or a convenient in-home estimate form that lets you enter your specifications as you gather them. Our staff can provide advice from years of experience to help you make the best choice for floor covering. With our exquisite line of designs, colors and textures, you can find the perfect opportunity to enhance the elegance and beauty of your home’s décor. Our estimates give you the full price with no hidden charges, and we offer the most competitive prices to save you money on your investment. We enhance the value of our service with our guarantee of an installation warranty for the lifetime of your floor coverings. Give us a call today or visit us online to make your dream of an elegantly decorated home a reality.