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Carpeting is one of today's most popular floor covering choices. While property owners consider other floor coverings such as tile and hardwood for their durability and beauty, carpet often wins out for its diverse style options and inherent comfort. Continue reading for some specific benefits of carpet, types of carpet that are available to today's consumers and the styles that we often recommend to our clients based upon their lifestyle and unique needs.

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Almost nothing brings out the personality of a room better than beautiful floors, and tile offers some great options that are suitable for most home interiors. Tile floors are known for their durability, and they come in a variety of colors, textures and styles.

Tile is often the go-to flooring choice for property owners who want a fresh, new look for their kitchens, bathrooms and other living spaces. Here are some types of tile that are available to today’s consumers, our tile floor recommendations for different types of spaces and a few reasons to choose us for your next tile flooring project.

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The most important part of any home or business is the floor. The color, the construction and the pattern all add to the overall impression received by a person entering the premises. This includes the best hardwood floor types available as well as excellent laminate floor imitations, which are difficult to determine from the real thing. With 17 years of experience, we at Cesar’s Floor Covering Inc. are prepared to install a laminate floor that will be long lasting as well as enhance your surroundings.

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When a person walks into a home, store or office, one of the first things they see is the floor. This makes it important to have something that will match the over-all layout of the building and its interior design.

For many years, hardwood has been the choice of those who want the very best. It can be found in homes over 100 years old, still retaining its original beauty. Fortunately, today this tradition is carried on with a wide variety of choices. This makes it possible to have hardwood floors that will be magnificent, retain their original appeal and reflect an excellent choice of wood and design.

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Whether you are a residential or business building, there is nothing that will make it stand out more than a beautiful tile backsplash. A backsplash may be in a kitchen, bathroom or other appropriate locations and provide a beautiful focal point for the surroundings. At Cesar’s Floor Covering, we are proud to offer our seventeen years of experience to help you find the perfect backsplash to fit your particular situation.

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Bathroom Tile

One of the more pleasurable aspects of designing or renovating a bathroom is choosing the tiles for the walls and floors. Because tiles are so varied, they allow a homeowner’s imagination to run free. Our professionals at Cesar's Floor Covering, Inc., the installation company in Phoenix are pleased to help our clients design and install the tile floor of their dreams.

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Concrete Leveling

An investment in flooring distinguishes a home with sophistication, and it reflects well on the knowledge and stylishness of the owner. The ambiance that it creates welcomes family and friends to enjoy its exquisiteness and its lasting durability. The beauty of your new hardwood, tile or carpet depends on the quality of the underlying floor. We make sure that your new floor covering gets the support that it deserves.

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Floor Repairs

Installing the perfect floor requires that the subfloor is in suitable condition. In most cases, subfloors can be repaired to meet the requirements of tile or laminate installation. In certain carpet installations, the condition of a subfloor can be a little more forgiving. Before we do a professional installation, we will perform an inspection to see the condition. If there are any issues, we will be happy to put together a plan of repairs.